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The ONE Strategy That More Than Doubled My Instagram Growth (In Record Time)

We all know how frustrating instagram can get. You're there feeling stagnant, waking up everyday, avidly checking your phone to see if you got any instagram followers.

I was once in your shoes my friend.

The key to understanding how to get followers on instagram lays in really understanding who you're talking to.

That's right... you have to identify your audience, meaning - who are you talking to?

You also need to narrow it down, why do you want followers after all?

  • Does it make you feel more important?

  • Do you only want it for the social proof?

  • Do you feel that more followers equals more money in your pocket?

Little disclaimer though, I hate to spill the beans, but having an insane amount of followers doesn't necessarily mean more cash monaaay!

As a matter of fact, I know influencers who are crushing it with thousands upon thousands of followers but are still seriously struggling financially.

It's not just the number of followers you should be after, but getting the RIGHT followers.


Because when you're attracting quality followers who are actually invested in you or what you're offering, that's when it actually converts to money or lands you clients from instagram.

How did I do it?

It's all narrowed to one simple formula...

Are you ready for it?

It's by adding value to my audience without expecting anything in return.

What do I mean by that?

I mean being so giving and selfless that people are driven to you like moth to a flame.

This is a little something I've adopted from Gary Vaynerchuck's selling method called "Jab, Jab, Right Hook" (if you don't know who Gary Vaynerchuck is, Google him, you'll thank me!).

Basically what this technique entails is: providing, providing and then pitching. This means offering something valuable to your followers over and over before earning the right to ask something of them.

Try to look at it like this, you have 2 friends - let's call them Susie and Jake.

Susie only calls you when she needs something. Jake, however, is there for you no matter what, no questions asked. Who would you rely on more?

See my point?

You want to be like Jake, because that is what's going to get you followers and actual money ringing in your bank account.

You need to be raw, authentic and 1000% genuine.

Adding value to people can come in many forms and shapes, either by:

  1. Providing a shortcut

  2. Giving insight to something they didn't know

  3. Offering something helpful or useful

  4. Being entertaining

  5. Giving them something that's totally for free

Here's are four ideas I did for your inspiration ;)



If you scroll to read the caption, in this instagram post, I offer 2 free glam tattoo sheets.

Obviously the most valuable thing here is that it's free, meaning followers don't have a single thing to lose if they enter the contest.

All they had to do was tag a friend and it worked beautifully because this gets more eyeballs on my instagram account.

Super easy, to the point and the most important element here is that the guidelines of it were very simple to follow.



Creating a quiz for your followers is a super fun way to get them engaged and interacting with you.

I've created a quiz specifically targeted to South Asians themed around "What Kind of Desi Bride Are You?"

I invite them to take the quiz and in order to get their results they have to exchange their email address.

This is amazing because it gives me leads and their results are directly sent to their email where they're encouraged to share it to family and friends.



Seems obvious right?

But by simply showing them that you're there for them, you're attracting more and more followers. But not just any followers - you're attracting the right tribe!

I just asked people if they needed help with anything. All they needed to do was leave a comment with a question or anything they're struggling with and I made it a point to answer each and every one.

I even took it a step further and followed up with them a week later.



Including little pieces of trivia can seem super valuable to your audience.

Beauty of this is that it can literally be adopted to any line of work or industry.

Since my area of expertise falls in henna, I explain that brides often got henna on the day of their wedding because it has cooling properties that helps destress them.

It's something new and fun to learn and I added a little knowledge to my followers.



Generally speaking, the one thing that's seriously going to contribute to your growth (not just on instagram, but literally on any possible platform) is by simply adding value to people.

I'm talking...

Things that are so valuable it's too hard to ignore.

People are 10x more likely to respond to a brand or instagram account that they: KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

You need followers to really get to trust you before reaching to their wallets. And trust me, you'll achieve this by being a gem of value, value, value!



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