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Importance of Increasing Brand Engagement

Brand engagement is one of the most crucial factors in any company’s success. It’s defined as the formation of attachment between brands and consumers and is cultivated through excellent customer service, effective communication, relevant content production, and events or promos. An article in the Italian Journal of Marketing explains that successful brand engagement is ultimately a culmination of consumers’ love, attachment, and involvement with a brand.

To succeed in these three areas, you must utilize the most accessible platforms to connect with existing and potential customers. And with how highly digitized the world has become, social media is one of the most accessible tools with which you can do so. Here are some great reasons why brand engagement through social media should be a priority for your company.

Setting yourself apart from competitors

With how many companies are marketing themselves on the internet, you must distinguish yourself in the minds of your customers. In The HOW of Business podcast, branding expert Jennifer Holland emphasizes the importance of reflecting on the following questions: “Who are you, what do you do [differently], and why should [customers] care?”

Effectively communicating these things makes consumers feel that you are worth engaging with. As such, they will be willing to invest in the experience of a purchasing journey with you.

This is something that you can achieve with social media. Since platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook offer a versatile range of post formats, you can diversify your content. You can post informative infographics, insightful videos on your processes, and personal stories about your day-to-day operations. Doing so makes stronger impressions on your audiences, setting you apart from the competition.

Broadening your marketing reach

Social media is beneficial for broadening marketing reach because of its data-driven advertising features. Customers are targeted based on age, sex, interests, browsing history, and location. As such, the content you produce can more easily reach the users most likely to resonate with your brand. B2B experts at Visual Objects find that many customers report benefiting from targeted advertising. These benefits include finding promotional sales and incentives, discovering new brands and local businesses, and having a more efficient online shopping experience.

Moreover, social media allows you to broaden your marketing reach organically by using the basic features of these platforms. This is true for platforms like Instagram. Our article ‘7 Proven Hacks to Boost your Instagram Engagement’ explains that the more engaged your content is, the higher the chances that the site will show your content to non-followers. So by encouraging your customers to interact with your content — for instance, through contests they can win by sharing, liking, or commenting on your posts — you can reach even more users.

Building consumer trust

Brand engagement through social media is particularly important for building consumer trust. The documentary ‘Reasons to Believe’ provides crucial marketing insights by explaining that communities build trust through evidence, particularly those reinforced by communities. You can leverage this through social media, which offers transparency and efficiency of communications. Users can easily see what other consumers think of your products through comments left on your posts. They can also spread honest reviews and additional information about your products

and services.

Social media also makes it much easier for customers to approach you directly. Since these platforms streamline personal communications, most social media users will know how to contact your social media accounts. This heightens their confidence and comfort when corresponding with your brand through messaging or commenting. As such, they can more easily benefit from personalized responses to specific questions and concerns. This helps solidify the quality of your brand’s customer service, building greater consumer trust.

Social media is one of the most effective ways to increase brand engagement. By utilizing these platforms, you can benefit immensely from greater distinction, reach, and consumer trust.

Exclusively written for by Jessica Brady


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