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The Only 7 Tools You Need to Slay on Instagram (& Attract More Followers)

Instagram can feel like taming a wild beast sometimes.. AMIRITE???

But fret not young one.

Getting more instagram followers doesn't have to be so complicated.

As a matter of fact, one of the easiest ways to get instagram followers fast and organically is by having a visual and beautiful instagram feed.

It literally takes someone just 3 seconds to decide whether to follow you or not on instagram

So we better makes those 3 seconds seriously count my friend.

And the best way to attract a tribe of raving fans would be by using these little 7 tools (and did I mention they're all totally free too?)



I seriously cannot get enough of this one. The best thing about Adobe Lightroom is that it's fairly intuitive to understand.

You can alter the temperature of your photo by making it a little cooler or a littler warmer. You can also sharpen your image a little better for clarity and focus.

Through editing my photos on Lightroom, I was able to make lighting and composition adjustments much more favourable.

It's also pretty cool if you have the software on your computer, that way your phone and computer syncs up (just a heads up the software is not free but the mobile version is).

Here's one of my photos before editing:

Before Editing Instagram

And the same picture after editing it on lightroom:

To download the app on iPhone, click here.

To download the app on an Android, click here.


You can also do a bit of further colour tweaking with Facetune. I love how you can select very specific areas for editing and leaving the remaining image untouched.

This is especially great if you want to enhance a colour or to decrease the vibrance of a specific element.

Another amazing feature with Facetune is you can get rid of unwanted elements with their concealing feature.

They also have loads of filters on there that you can play around with.

Here's one of my images before editing:

Before Editing Instagram

And the same image where I brightened it and enhanced the turquoise in the pillow editing with Facetune:

To download Facetune on your iPhone, click here.

To download Facetune for your Android, click here.





Canva is by far one of my favourite tools ever (not just for instagram but literally for all my marketing and social media platforms too).

Canva has a vast library of templates for you to choose from and NEWSFLASH, they're totally customizable and user-friendly.

So for all you non-designers out there, rejoice!

Best thing about Canva is you can access your account from a desktop version too and it's all automatically synced up with what you created on your phone (and vice versa).

You can use Canva to create cute little quotes to post in your instagram feed, kinda like this one below...

To download Canva on your iPhone or Android, click here.

To access Canva's desktop version, click here.


Plann is absolutely amazing to plan what to post in your feed way in advance. It gives you amazing insight of what your feed would look like before even having to post anything on there.

You can click and drag your images to position it in a way so that your instagram feed looks cohesive and seamless to create a theme that draws people in.

Plann App

Another thing I love about Plann is that you have the ability to schedule your posts and it pushes notifications to you as reminders for posting.

You can also plan out your captions and hashtags way ahead of time too.

To download Plann on your iPhone, click here.

To download Plann on your Android, click here.

They'll also be launching a Desktop version real soon. Click here to join the waitlist.




We all know sometimes it's hard to squeeze in everything you want to say in 15 seconds and it's a little awkward when it cuts on you and you have to record the second portion of what you were going to say but you've lost your train of thought.

Storeo rids you of that problem.

You can record yourself for as long as you need and Storeo breaks up your video in 15 second intervals.

That way, when you come to upload your videos to Instastories it's a seamless and uninterrupted video.

To download Storeo on your iPhone, click here.


We all know that you don't need to devote as much time curating your instastories because they're gone in 24 hours anyway.

However, with Unfold, you can make your stories much more visually engaging by exploring their templates.

All you have to do is add in your photos or videos and alter the text to read whatever you want.

It's perfect if you want to upkeep your branding throughout your instagram, regardless if it's going to disappear after a short period of time or now.

Unfold App

To download Unfold on your iPhone, click here.

To download Unfold on your Android, click here.





If you don't consistently check your instagram analytics, I strongly recommend you start doing so.

Instagram analytics is one of the easiest ways to determine your best performing posts, your most optimized times for posting, how many followers you've gained versus impressions and where all your followers are from with insightful demographic (i.e. gender, age, etc.)

You can easily access your insights within Instagram itself.

If you can't find it, you're probably on a personal account and need to switch to a business account.



The general takeaway is; in order for you to attract more followers in hopes of converting them to clients, you need to have a captivating instagram feed.

And these 7 tools can really give you that push...

Photo Editing:




7) Instagram Analytics

I hope this has been super helpful to you, and feel free to hit me up with a DM on Instagram with any questions :)



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