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if you're a creative business owner struggling to

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scroll down


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knock, knock...

who's there?

it's your business therapist showing you how to consistently land followers & clients, ya silly goose!

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but how?

through the signature "Plan the Gram" program

transforming your instagram & business

in just 7 days - yes, really!

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what's the program?

You'll learn the S.T.O.R.Y. formula that turns your followers into die-hard fans waiting on your every post & crazy engaged

That gets results like this...

(actual screenshots)

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what's the story formula?

Oh my God, I'm so glad you asked. Here's what it stands for.

S - searchability

T - theme

O - offering value

R - reaching out & engagement

Y - yielding to an email database

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s for searchability

It doesn’t matter how perfect your photos are or how often you’re posting if your page isn’t getting found by ideal clients.


This module tells you exactly what you need to do to finally get found by dream customers who won’t try to price shop you #ByeByeDiscountShoppers

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t for theme

Did you know it takes someone just 3 seconds to decide to follow you? 

This module helps you transform your page from a portfolio dumping ground to a beautifully decorated retail window store that actually tells a visual story & gets people to hit that follow button

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o for offering value

Been a few days since you’ve last posted feeling guilty and a little behind, but just have no frikkin idea what to post?!!!

This module guides you on exactly what to post that gets your followers crazy obsessed with you and your business.

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r for reaching out +


Feel like you’re only gaining and losing the same follower every day? Like your number of followers just won’t budge no matter how much you try? 

We explore organic growth tactics on how you can consistently get followers without ever paying for ads.

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y for yielding to an email database

Which is more effective to actually finalize and make your sale? Instagram or email marketing? 

It’s email marketing.



Yeah I know, I was surprised too. 

In this module, you learn how to create an entire email database of customers you can regularly send promotions to.

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made for service-based creatives & artists

 unlock the path of going from starving artist to full-time pro

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designed for visual learners

(no boring slides)


easy & fun to fill out worksheets

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includes pep talks for when you're doubting yourself

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your investment

just $30 frikkin dollars -

the equivalent of 2 Mcdonald's meals


eliminating your fear of investing so you can get started pronto 

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instagram is an emotional roller coaster

let's transform it from a scary ride into a fun one

ready to transform your Instagram in just 7 days?


I have a little 2 min. message for you that will put your mind at ease... 

  • How long does the tattoo last?
    On average 7 - 10 days. But it really depends on your skin type, exposure to water (i.e. showers) & which body part your tattoo is on.
  • Does it hurt?
    Not one tiny bit! If anything it's a completely relaxing & soothing experience. The jagua ink used for your tattoo contains cooling properties that helps destress the body. A tattoo that doesn't hurt, what can be better?
  • What is the tattoo ink made out of?
    Tattoo ink is made out of jagua - juice extracted from a fruit called 'Genipe Americana' commonly found in Central and South America. It's 100% organic, natural & safe.
  • How can I make my tattoo last longer?
    My recommendation is to cover it up with vaseline once in the morning and once at night. That should help preserve your tattoo by limiting its exposure to water, amongst other things. During your showers, you can also cover it up with a plastic bag or bandage.
  • What's the parking situation?
    There's paid parking on the main street as well as a parking lot in the building across.
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