hello fellow creative

scroll to reveal your fortune from your business shaman

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you're a multi passionate creative

who feels her sole purpose is to be an inspiration to others

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the roadblock

but your business feels like a poorly orchestrated puppet show

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your burning fire

your creative fire is burning but you're feeling like a hidden gem

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your fortune awaits

let me help you make the path

crystal clear

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I'm nadine

henna artist turned business coach

where the soul of a gypsy and corporate businessman meets

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I help you go from being burnt out like your mother-in-law's cooking, to having a crystal clear path for your business

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  • understand why you're not growing no matter how much you post

  • 1 stupid simple exercise to double your reach in just 1 week

  • how to write engaging captions that gets followers crazy hooked

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the length of only 1 f.r.i.e.n.d.s episodes

what past attendees say...

got my first bridal booking
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need some business therapy?

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get your business moving as fast as a Disney park's fast track, by becoming a subscriber

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growing as slow as an outdated internet explorer? tune in to the... 

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