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Defeat the Blinking Cursor Program

Defeat the Blinking Cursor Program

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An intimate group coaching program to go from crickets to comments and know how to grow a following in just 2 weeks! 


  • Week 1: New material will be sent your way to go through the material 
  • Week 2: Collaborating in the facebook group and get my eyeballs on your content




  1. Day 1: knowing how to exclusively attract idealfollowers/customers
  2. Day 2: Coming up witha super sexybusiness tagline
  3. Day 3: Finally creating a theme without wanting to rip your hair off
  4. Day 4: How to shoot instaworthy photos at home with a phone
  5. Day 5: Captions that gets people crazy hooked on your every post
  6. Day 6: How to create deep & personal relationships with instastories
  7. Day 7: Growth tactics that will double your reach & engagement