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pick my brain

a 60-min chat with a branding & marketing expert without breaking the bank

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confetti-like branding + copy you'd hang instead of your wedding photo


have clients find you without being on the content creation madhouse

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fusing branding & marketing like

a 2-in-1 shampoo bottle

In our 1-hour chat you can pick my brain on things like:​

  • web design: how to get your website stop playing hide & seek with your conversions

  • copy: how to tweak your messaging to make your business sound as sexy as molten lava cake

  • brand design: understand what to include in your branding to steal hearts like a baby to their mama

  • SEO: how to get off the social-media-hamsterwheel but still get booked

Uber-eats mentoring pricing

Forget those 4-figure-coaching-price points. I wanted to create something that's low risk, as financially comfortable as ordering UberEats for the self-employed who need to get past a business rut.

I'm happy to subsidize my time to create the ripple effect of helping other business owners get past their bottleneck without the scary price-tag.

50.00 usd / 350.00 usd

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