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h o w  i t  w o r k s

100% pain free body temporary tattoo that’s identical to a real life tattoo

choose amount of floral elements you want ($40 each)

Temporary Botanical Tattoo_Blooming Rose.png

blooming rose

Temporary Botanical Tattoo_Sunflower.png


Temporary Botanical Tattoo_Anoeme.png


Temporary Botanical Tattoo_Peony.png


Temporary Botanical Tattoo_Geranium.png


Temporary Botanical Tattoo_Jasmine.png


Temporary Tattoo Toronto_1.jpg
Fortune hand animated.gif

possible combos

you can select as many floral elements as you want on whichever body part you choose

Nadine Daff_Snake.png

temporary tattoo toronto

Temporary Tattoo Toronto_2.jpg

always wanted a tattoo without the commitment or pain (& let's be real, the eternal disappointment of mom & dad?)


let's accessorize you in beautiful botanicals that will get your friends jaw-dropping swearing it was a real tattoo.

l o c a t i o n

your cozy hippie haven

Temporary tattoo parlor in Toronto - heart of downtown. A laid-back 420-friendly spot with good vibes. Opening up a piece of my home to you. 

Intersection of Church & Gloucester street

**exact address texted when appointment is confirmed

Temporary Tattoo Toronto

your very own photoshoot

let me be your papparazi

As a former full-time content creator, I kinda know a thing or two on how to grab instagrammable photos. Let me bring out your inner Goddess with a mini photo session.

**donations accepted

how your friends
shoot photos

Temporary Tattoo Toronto Parlor.HEIC

how I shoot photos

hey, I'm nadine

Nadine Daff_Moth_White.png

your temporary tattoo artist & wandering boho 

I'm an integrated soul between a gypsy & corporate businessman. I started this little project as an attempt to find my new girl gang & raise money for charity. I'm passionate about causes that provide literacy & entrepreneurial skills to women. Come over, we'll have a few laughs & a whole lotta good vibes.

Temporary Tattoo Toronto_Nadine.gif

after care instructions

Temporary Tattoo_Step 1.gif

step 1

jagua paste will dry in about 20 mins - keep the paste on for a minimum of 5 hours (overnight preferable)


Temporary Tattoo_Step 2.gif

step 2

after time has lapsed, chip the paste off (recommended on top of a sink)


Temporary Tattoo_Step 3.gif

step 3

your stain will first be a faint color & will darken in the next 24-36 hours, cover with vaseline for that extra protection


Temporay Tattoo_12 Hours.JPG


Temporary Tattoo_24 Hours.JPG


frequently asked questions

Nadine Daff_Moth_White.png
  • How long does the tattoo last?
    On average 7 - 10 days. But it really depends on your skin type, exposure to water (i.e. showers) & which body part your tattoo is on.
  • Does it hurt?
    Not one tiny bit! If anything it's a completely relaxing & soothing experience. The jagua ink used for your tattoo contains cooling properties that helps destress the body. A tattoo that doesn't hurt, what can be better?
  • What is the tattoo ink made out of?
    Tattoo ink is made out of jagua - juice extracted from a fruit called 'Genipe Americana' commonly found in Central and South America. It's 100% organic, natural & safe.
  • How can I make my tattoo last longer?
    My recommendation is to cover it up with vaseline once in the morning and once at night. That should help preserve your tattoo by limiting its exposure to water, amongst other things. During your showers, you can also cover it up with a plastic bag or bandage.
  • What's the parking situation?
    There's paid parking on the main street as well as a parking lot in the building across.
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